Meet the Executive Team

Rahul Sachdev, Executive Vice-President

Rahul Sachdev




Rahul Sachdev is Executive Vice-President of Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp. 



Mr. Sachdev joined Wire & Plastic Machinery in 1985 during the early start-up days of the company. 

Prior to joining Wire & Plastic Machinery, Mr. Sachdev worked with Graphisads Pvt. Ltd. as Account Director and was responsible for national advertising campaigns for several large firms. His specialty was strategic marketing and account management.

Mr. Sachdev holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Delhi University. In 1982 he graduated with an MBA from Case Western Reserve University with specialization in Industrial Marketing. Upon graduation, he worked briefly on a project with The Jayme Corporation in Cleveland, OH.

Mr. Sachdev has held various positions with the New England Chapter of the Wire Association and served as Chapter President in 2003. In July 2010, he was elected as President of WCISA for a 3 year term. WCISA is a non- profit North American Suppliers Association with approximately 100 member companies. 

Mr. Sachdev was a receipient of the 2016 Charles D. Scott Distinguished Career Award, which is awarded to individuals in the wire and cable field who have served the industry for a minimum of twenty-five years and have demonstrated outstanding professional acumen along with personal attributes of exceptional degree.