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Ofrecemos servicios completes para el  reacondicionamiento de los equipos de nuestro inventario.  Nuestros ingenieros eléctricos, mecánicos y de arranque aseguran un rendimiento de los equipos acorde a las especificaciones originales.

Como empresa global, adaptamos nuestros equipos a los requerimientos eléctricos de cada localidad.

We stand behind our work and fully warranty each piece of wire, cable and optical fiber equipment we refurbish.

  • Complete rebuilding / reconditioning to modernize equipment to new condition
  • Two fully staffed reconditioning centers
  • Basic services including steam cleaning and painting to match your color specifications
  • Intermediate level services for replacing worn components and performing mechanical upgrades 
  • Electrical and programming engineers on staff to update electronics and integrate with customer systems
  • We offer a warranty comparable to coverage offered by new equipment manufacturers
  • Worldwide Commissioning

Equipment is available: "As Is", cleaned, painted, test run, inspected, electronically upgraded, and fully reconditioned.

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