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The commissioning of an individual machine, complete line or entire plant is often filled with unknown factors. Slow start-ups reduce your return on investment by increasing the cost of delivery and delaying the potential revenue stream. This is why our lead commissioning engineers have tremendous experience and expertise in the installation of our equipment.

The Process of Commissioning:

  • Preparation and planning
  • Mechanical completion and integrity checking
  • Pre-commissioning and operation testing
  • Start-up and initial operation
  • Performance and acceptance testing
  • Post commissioning support

The Challenges of Commissioning:

  • Massive coordination of construction
  • Contractors, vendors, commissioning team, operations and maintenance working toward aggressive timelines
  • The commissioning team, operations and maintenance must be familiar with the equipment and technology Why You Should Work With Us:
  • Our commissioning and process engineers are most familiar with the equipment we sell
  • Turnkey solutions are available and can be pretested at one of our facilities before shipment
  • We can also install and commission the equipment working alongside your own personnel – and will work with your preferred contractors (ex. panel builder, etc.)
  • We have the capability to design operating systems to your specific requirement (ex. – integrate new machine with existing machinery, with internet access, to offer remote troubleshooting, updating and reprogramming)

Equipment is available: "As Is", cleaned, painted, test run, inspected, electronically upgraded, and fully reconditioned.

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