David Forber, International Sales Consultant

David Forber




David Forber is an International Sales Consultant at Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp. 



Mr. Forber joined Wire and Plastic Machinery Corp. in 2003 after approximately 50 years in the wire and cable business.

Mr. Forber was VP of Sales and Marketing and later a partner at AFA Industries in New Jersey. A position he held for 20 years. AFA Industries specialized in equipment for the Fiber Optics Industry

Mr. Forber started his involvement in the industry when he was employed by BICC Ltd in the UK in 1955 and finally achieved the position of Senior Process Engineer in the Telecommunication Division in 1967

Mr. Forber  spent 5  years as a Sales Engineer with General Engineering (Radcliffe) Ltd  specializing in International sales in Europe both East and West and the Middle East . He joined General Engineering USA in 1985 as Sales Manager for North and South America

Mr. Forber was educated as a Mechanical Engineer at the St Helens Institute of Technology in the UK.