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Equipment Purchasing

Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp. offers comprehensive investment recovery services to maximize your company’s return on surplus capital assets. Nobody buys more used wire and cable equipment than we do. We offer firms of all sizes top value and a range of options to sell their idle equipment.

Direct Sell / Outright Cash Purchase

As the largest global player in the second-hand wire, cable, and optical fiber machinery world, Wire & Plastic has bought and sold thousands of second-hand machines since 1981.

Use our unmatched package of services to turn your single machines, complete lines, and entire plants into cash quickly and painlessly.

Trade-In Program

Our Trade-In Program opens up new opportunities for companies that are expanding their production, implementing new technologies, or replacing machinery.

This option allows you to be more competitive by saving money and time through sourcing second-hand wire, cable, and optical fiber manufacturing equipment that is available for immediate delivery.

We will inspect your idle machinery and once the price is agreed, a replacement machine will be sent. If your company does not allow the sale of surplus equipment, contact us to discuss our Trade-In Program and begin moving your projects forward.

Plant Liquidation

Liquidation sales help to control the pricing of your assets and allows for an orderly method of selling surplus equipment.

As an industry leader, our knowledge and experience of selling second-hand equipment allows our customers to liquidate and acquire machinery with confidence. Our goal is to help customers realize fair returns when selling their second-hand equipment.


Looking to realize a full retail price for your second-hand equipment? Running out of manufacturing and storage space? Ship your surplus equipment to one of our 8 facilities for maximum exposure. Allow us to sell the equipment for you and get you the price that you need. Contact us to learn about how our website, worldwide network and marketing expertise can attract a global audience of buyers to your equipment.

Auction Partners

Some companies may consider an auction as the preferred solution to sell idle assets. If your company prefers this type of sale and is not concerned with negative publicity and having competitors tour your facility. Wire & Plastic is fully capable and willing to work with you. Our extensive industry experience and knowledge has allowed us to work with many leading equipment auctioneers worldwide.