Bare Wire Manufacturing

We sell equipment for bare wire conductor manufacturing and processing for non-ferrous wire and alloy, from individual machines to complete lines.

Equipment for wire drawing:

  • Rod Breakdown
  • Multiwire Drawing
  • Intermediate Wire Drawing 
  • Fine Wire drawing

Equipment for bare wire stranding, twisting and bunching:

  • SZ Stranders
  • Rigid Stranders
  • Tubular stranders
  • Single Twist Cablers
  • Double Twist Cablers
  • Single Twist Bunchers
  • Double Twist Bunchers

Other bare wire machinery:

  • Annealers, Vertical Drop Coilers, Filtration Units, Pointer Stringers, Spoolers, Upenders

We carry equipment from the leading European and American manufacturers:

  • Bartell Machinery Systems
  • Cook
  • Endex
  • Entwistle
  • Filtertech
  • Henrich
  • Niehoff
  • Nextrom
  • Pourtier
  • Samp Sistemi
  • Setic
  • Syncro
  • Vaughn
  • Watson

Equipment is available: "As Is", cleaned, painted, test run, inspected, electronically upgraded, and fully reconditioned.

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