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El arranque de una maquina individual, una línea complete o una planta entera, frecuentemente encuentra dificultades inesperadas.  Demoras en el arranque incrementan el costo de la inversión, y disminuyen rendimientos potenciales de producción.  Nuestros ingenieros de arranque cuentan con la extensa experiencia que requiere todo arranque rápido y efectivo.

The Process of Commissioning:

  • Preparation and planning
  • Mechanical completion and integrity checking
  • Pre-commissioning and operation testing
  • Start-up and initial operation
  • Performance and acceptance testing
  • Post commissioning support

The Challenges of Commissioning:

  • Massive coordination of construction
  • Contractors, vendors, commissioning team, operations and maintenance working toward aggressive timelines
  • The commissioning team, operations and maintenance must be familiar with the equipment and technology Why You Should Work With Us:
  • Our commissioning and process engineers are most familiar with the equipment we sell
  • Turnkey solutions are available and can be pretested at one of our facilities before shipment
  • We can also install and commission the equipment working alongside your own personnel – and will work with your preferred contractors (ex. panel builder, etc.)
  • We have the capability to design operating systems to your specific requirement (ex. – integrate new machine with existing machinery, with internet access, to offer remote troubleshooting, updating and reprogramming)

Equipment is available: "As Is", cleaned, painted, test run, inspected, electronically upgraded, and fully reconditioned.

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