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Why You Should Work With Us:

  • Our commissioning and process engineers are most familiar with the equipment we sell
  • Turnkey solutions are available and can be pretested at one of our facilities before shipment
  • We can also install and commission the equipment working alongside your own personnel – and will work with your preferred contractors (ex. panel builder, etc.)
  • We have the capability to design operating systems to your specific requirement (ex. – integrate new machine with existing machinery, with internet access, to offer remote troubleshooting, updating and reprogramming)

Recent Commissioning Projects:

  • Tandem Extrusion / Insulating Lines
    • Taiwan - Commissioning and built the entire electrical system on-site - complete with remote access for troubleshooting breakdowns and fault finding from our US based engineering office)
    • Taiwan - De-commissioning and relocation of existing line
    • India - De-commissioning and relocation of existing line to be part of new manufacturing cell for data cable
    • South Korea - De-commissioning and relocation to alternate factory including maintenance/breakdown
  • Sheathing / Jacketing Lines
    • UAE - (Silicone) Integrated new PLC to communicate with existing PLC’s for customer’s diagnostic systems
    • Brazil - Commissioning and On-Site Programming to suit customer’s exact needs
    • India - De-commissioning and relocation of existing line to be part of new manufacturing cell for data cable
  • Twisting / Bunching Lines
    • Saudi Arabia - Drum Twisting Line (programmed PLC for use with existing equipment), Bunching Machines with Pay-offs
    • South Korea - (10) Double Twist, DT Bunchers with Pay-offs
  • Pay-offs / Take-ups
    • Saudi Arabia - Integrating take-ups and pay-offs with customer’s existing insulating line
    • Honduras - Customer purchased equipment (drop coiler) in as-is condition and we supplied additional parts necessary for refurbishment. After customer’s engineers reconditioned the machine, our commission personnel traveled to client site to complete the installation and perform software breakdowns. Several trips were made during the refurbishing process to advise and check on progress.
    • Honduras - (2) Drop Coilers for use with CV Lines
  • Wire Drawing Equipment
    • Canada - (2) Intermediate Wire Drawing Lines
  • Optical Fiber Manufacturing
    • Vietnam - Commissioning and Process Engineering for a complete plant. Scope of work included the installation of a Fiber Coloring Machine, Tight Buffer/ Loose Tube Line, Fiber SZ Stranding line, Sheathing Line and Steel Tape Armoring Equipment. Integrated a system for remote troubleshooting in the event of a breakdown or need for reprogramming due to a requested change in the end product.