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Extruder Reconditioning

  1. The extruder is completely disassembled and steam cleaned
  2. All gearbox shafts are inspected for wear and concentricity. They are repaired or replaced as necessary
  3. All shaft bearings are replaced
  4. The main thrust bearing is inspected and replaced if necessary
  5. The main bull gear is inspected and turned 180 degrees.
  6. New lubrication filter and plumbing are installed on the gearbox
  7. The Gearbox is reassembled with new sealant and bearing shims to original axial tolerances
  8. A rebuilt or new feed throat section is installed
  9. A new barrel with customer specified bi-metallic liner is installed and aligned with feed section and gearbox
  10. Cast aluminum heaters are tested and replaced as necessary
  11. New blowers and blower motors are installed
  12. Head clamp, including shear pins, are inspected and repaired as necessary
  13. New over pressure rupture plug is installed
  14. New wiring, thermocouples and barrel guards are installed
  15. Supplied with new customer specified screw design and stainless steel hopper
  16. The machine is painted to customer specifications

Most extruder rebuilds are accompanied with other line components like rebuilt payoffs, preheaters, accumulators/dancers, capstans (dual wheel, belt wrap, caterpuller type) and single/dual reel take-ups.

In all instances, new drive and temperature control panels are built in-house to customer specified drives which can be AC Vector or Digital DC. Panel logic can be either PLC (programmable logic control) controlled or PC based. Discreet temperature instruments or touch screen front end can be installed as per customer requirements. All electrical drawings are prepared in Autocad format, and provided on floppy disks.