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Reconditioned Tensor SZ Strander Project

Posted by on Thu, Jan, 24, 2013

Reconditioned Tensor SZ Strander
Tensor SZ Strander and Binder Assebly

Wire & Plastic Machinery received an order to recondition a Tensor OC-1000 Strander and Dual Binder Assembly from our inventory. The machine was built in 2000 and was in decent shape but required all new electronics, new operator station, custom programming, replacement of worn parts, and a new paint job. The machine was test run for the client to gaurantee performance specs. 

After a few months in the shop, we are proud the share a few pictures and a video of our work. The machine looks and perfoms better than new! 

Project Scope
SZ Machine
- New replacement bearings and timing belts were installed
- All pulleys and sheaves were inspected and replaced as required
- The machine complies with the original specifications
- Parts were disassembled from the machines and painted to customer specifications

Electrical Scope
- New IEC rated panel containing all drives and logic components
- Main circuit breaker located in door

New Drive System
- 10 kW Control Techniques AC Servo Drives with requisite feedback features
- 2 x Control Techniques AC Servo Motors
- All line shaft encoders replaced with new state of art components
- New Allen Bradley PLC governing lay plate position and logic
- New Circuit Breakers protecting all components
- New Transformers and Relays for 24 v low voltage logic control
- Exterior mounted 170% dynamic resistor bank
- Ethernet communication module utilizing customer supplied access IP address for remote    trouble shooting

New Operator Station with Allen Bradley Touch Screen HMI to control all line functions

New Dual Binder Panel
- New Parker /SSD 690 AC Vector Controls with  2 x 5HP Baldor AC Motors
- New Allen Bradley PLC governing lay plate position and logic
- New Circuit Breakers protecting all components
- New Transformers and relays for 24 v low voltage logic control
- New Allen Bradley PLC

New Binder Operator Station
- Binder tension Control potentiometers
- Tension read out display
- Broken Yarn Detector
- Start/Stop, Lay length and other operators
- Linear actuator to control final die to lay plate and inserting Binder Cop

The entire electrical package was supplied to customer with documentation to include: wiring schematic PLC, Drive, and HMI programming.

Machine Specs:
Tensor OS-1000 Oscillator/Strander 
Model OSC-1000-15 
Year of Manufacture 2000 

For the Stranding of Optical Fiber tubes 
Speed 1000rpm + over speed at reversal 
Polished Ceramic eyelets 
Clearway 15 mm diameter 
Lay length is adjustable from50 mm to 500 mm 
Maximum No. of Turns between reversals is adjustable from 0.1 to 10 in 0.1 increments 
Oscillator +/- 5 turns from neutral position (10 turns between reversals) 
No of Tubes 15 ( 3 to 4 mm tube diameter) 
Automatic 0 (parallel) positions for string up and E-stop
Line Power Supply 380/440v 3 phase 50Hz 

If you see a machine in our inventory that may require some work, please do not hesitate to ask! Wire & Plastic Machinery has 3 reconditioning centers and over 30 years experience in reconditioning all types of wire and cable equipment. We provide complete mechanical, electrical, programming, and commisioning services. Please click here to read more about our reconditioning services. 

Tensor SZ Strander Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp

Tensor Binder Head Assembly

Tensor Caterpuller

Tensor New Electrical Panel

Tensor Binder Panel

Tensor Operator Station


A few "before" pictures of the strander and electrics

Tensor SZ Strander Before 

Tensor SZ Strander Before

Tensor Panel Before

Tensor Old Drives


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