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Special Line Availability - Continuus Properzi Model Cop FT 4.5, Copper Casting Line

Posted by on Fri, Sep, 08, 2017

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Casting Line.pngContinuus Properzi Model Cop FT 4.5, Copper Casting Line originally made in 1987. Capacity is 4.5 MTons per hour with production of 30,000 MT per year of 8 mm diameter Cu rod, hot rolled for electrical application. Components and Process consist of Shaft Furnace, Holding Furnace, Tundish, Continuous Cast Wheel, Bar Shear and Brushing Machine, Rolling Train, Quenching, Waxing System and Coiler. Laboratory equipment is also included. Final Coiled product: 8 mm Cu. rod. External coil diameter is 1800mm, package height (compacted coil) 900mm Weight of the finished coil: 4,500 kg. Machinery is still installed and located in South America. Video of operating line is at  . Email to or call us direct (+1-860-583-4646) for detailed quotation.

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