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Posted by on Thu, Apr, 25, 2019

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WirePlastic3000x680 EXPL452 - 3.5" D-S Jacketing Line


10 complete lines have just come into our possession and we have an extension to allow people to come in and look things over. Full details of all items remaining are in this PDF file. Key new items are a 2" Royle Primary Line, 2.5" D-S Primary/Jacket Line, 3.5" D-S Jacketing Line, 2" D-S Hi Temp Line Components, Watson 48 Drum Twister Line with 10 payoff Neutralizers and 2 concentric tape heads, Qing Feng 16" 6x6 Planetary/Rigid Cabling Line, 2 additional Qing Feng Dual Concentric Taping Lines and 2 Qing Feng Single Concentric Taping Lines. We also have 4 additional 16 Carrier Nanyang braiders and 2 - 24 Carrier Nanyang Braiders.

Tags: Planetary Stranders, Liquidation, Extrusion, Taping Machines, Braiders

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