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Wire & Cable Plant Liquidation Sale!

Posted by on Thu, Aug, 11, 2011

Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp. has just acquired a wire and cable manufacturing plant with several multi-wire drawing lines, a rod breakdown line, coilers, extrusion equipment, and more. All equipment is still installed and available for immediate delivery. We are always looking for new opportunities to buy surplus equipment for cash or trade.

SAMP TRB-1 Rod Breakdown Line

SAMP TRB-1 Rod Mill Breakdown Line

SAMP MS400 Drawing Machine
SAMP RC/80 Rod Annealer
SAMP 800mm Drop Coiler
Pointer Stringer / BWE Rod Welder / Stempacks


Eurodraw Multi-Wire 16 Wire Drawing Line - 4 Available

Eurodraw Multi-Wire Drawing Line

Eurodraw 800mm Static Spoolers

16 Position Payoff System
MSS.100.16 Drawing Machine
Year of Manufacture: 2001
Thermcraft Multi-Strand Annealing Furnace
(4) 800mm Static Spoolers
Full Electrics with Siemens Drives & PLC
For Aluminum Alloys / Copper Clad Steel / Aluminum


SAMP Multi-Wire 14 Wire Drawing Line

SAMP 14 Wire Multi-Wire Drawing Machine

SAMP 630mm Static Spooler Machine

SAMP MT12 Drawing Machine
SAMP R20.14.14 Annealer
(2) SAMP 630mm Static Spoolers
Year of Manufacture: 1995


SAMP Multi-Wire 10 Wire Drawing Line - 2 Available

SAMP Multi-Wire 10 Wire Drawing Machine

SAMP MT10.10.22 Drawing Machine
SAMP R14.10.10 Annealer
SAMP 630mm Static Spooler
Year of Manufacture: 1990


Endex  18" Drop Coiler / Barrel Packers - 4 Available 3 SOLD

Endex Drop Coiler Front resized 600

Endex Wire Barrel Packer Back

Set up for Insulated Wire
Tuntable / Conveyor
Drive Panel with Allen Bradley Panel View 600 Touchscreen Controls

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