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New Equipment Added to Inventory: Setic, Nokia-Maillefer, Niehoff, Davis-Standard and More...

Posted by on Wed, Nov, 16, 2011

Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp. has just acquired several late model machines that are in excellent condition and ready for immediate delivery. All machines can be offered in as-is condition, test run, cleaned, painted or completely reconditioned with new electronics. Click here to read more about our reconditioning capabilites. We are always looking for new opportunities to buy surplus equipment for cash or trade.

Setic Triple Twist Backtwister with Kinrei Twinners

Setic Triple Twist Backtwister with Kinrei 560mm Twinner
Model: DVDTT 560R
With Kinrei NB560 TWL Twinner
Year of Manufacture: 2005
3 Available
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Nokia-Maillefer / Niehoff Tandem Insulating Line

Nokia-Maillefer Niehoff Tandem Wire Insulating Line MT200 Drawing Machine 
Line Direction: Right To Left
Niehoff MT200 Drawing Machine
60mm Nokia-Maillefer Extruder, 24:1 L/D
350mm Nokia-Maillefer Multipass Capstan
630mm Nokia-Maillefer EKP-63 Dual Reel Take-up
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Davis-Standard High Temperature Extrusion Line

Davis-Standard High Temperature Extrusion Line 
2" Davis-Standard Hi Temp Extruder, 30:1 L/D
14" Davis-Standard Multipass Capstan
24" Clipper PA-24 Dual Reel Take-up
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1m Nokia-Maillefer Dual Reel Take-up

1m Nokia-Maillefer Dual Reel Take-up EKP-100 
Model: EKP-100
2 Available
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1m MGS / Hall Dual Reel Take-up

1m MGS Hall Dual Reel Take up 
Parallel Axis Design, Shaft Type
15" Vertical Accumulator
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Niehoff Fine Wire Drawing Machine

Niehoff MT-200 Fine Wire Drawing Machine with Annealer 
Line Direction: Left to Right
Model: MT-200
With Annealeer
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Please contact us today if you have any questions on the equipment listed above. 

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