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New Equipment for 2012! Ceeco, Tensor, SAMP, Bartell, Nokia Maillefer and more...

Posted by on Tue, Jan, 17, 2012

New Equipment in Stock for 2012! 
Recently acquired machines - wire drawing, extrusion lines, rotating equipment,
tubular & sz stranders, drop coilers and more. 

Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp. has over 20,000 machines in stock for all your wire, cable, and optical fiber manufacturing needs. All machines can be offered in as-is condition, test run, painted or completely reconditioned with new electronics. Contact us today to begin moving your projects forward in the new year! 

Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp. is pleased to offer the following equipment for immediate sale:

Eurodraw 16 Wire Multiwire Drawing Machine
Eurodraw 16-Wire Drawing Line
16 Position Payoff Station
Thermcraft Annealing Furnace
Multi-wire Drawing Machine
Model MSS.100.16
(4) Static Spoolers 
4 Available
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Tensor SZ Strander Oscillator Tensor Oscillator I SZ Strander
Model: OSC-100-15
Year of Manufacture: 2000
Line Direction: Left to Right
Speed: 1000 RPM
Learn More
 Bartell B62 B64 Tubular Stranders  Bartell Tubular Stranders
Model: 6B62 I 6 Bays - 6.5" / 165mm 
14 Available I Learn More

Model: 6B64 I 6 Bays - 10"/ 254mm
7 Available I Learn More

Model: 12B64 I 12 Bays - 10" / 254m 
2 Available I  Learn More
Ceeco Drum Twister Rotating Takeup Ceeco Drum Twister
Size: 60" / 1.5m       
Model: TW-80
Direction: Right to Left
Control Panel with Reliance Drives
Operator Panel
Learn More
Syncro Drop Coiler Barrel Packer Syncro 18" Barrel Packer / Drop Coiler
Endex Upgrade
Max Speed: 4000 FPM
With Thumper and Overhead Accumulator
NEW Niehoff/Endex Control Panel
Learn More
SAMP Rod Breakdown Mill SAMP Rod Breakdown Line
Model: TRB-1
SAMP Rod Payoff
SAMP MS400 Drawing Machine
SAMP RC/80 Rod Annealer
SAMP 800mm Drop Coiler
Learn More
Setic Triple Twist Backtwister Setic Triple Twist Backtwister
Model: DVDTT 560R
With Kinrei NB560 TWL Twinner
Year of Manufacture: 2005
3 Available
Learn More
Nokia Maillefer EKP 100 Dual Reel Take up 1m Nokia-Maillefer Dual Reel Take-up
Model: EKP-100
2 Available
Learn More
Nokia Niehoff Maillefer Tandem Insulating Extrusion Line Nokia/Niehoff Tandem Insulating Line
Line Direction: Right to Left
Niehoff MT200 Drawing Machine
60mm Nokia-Maillefer Extruder, 24:1 L/D
350mm Nokia-Maillefer Multipass Capstan
630mm Nokia-Maillefer Dual Reel Take-up
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