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250+ Cleaned & Painted Machines Ready to Ship & New Website Feature

Posted by on Wed, Jun, 12, 2013

Wire & Plastic Machinery is excited to announce a new feature on our website that allows searching by machines that have already been cleaned, painted, and in some cases mechanically tested under power or fully reconditioned.

The Cleaned & Painted category can be accessed on our Inventory page. Be sure to try our improved grid view and the ability to view up to 200 items on a single page.

New Website Feature Grid View

Below are a few featured machines in the Cleaned & Painted category on our website. Click any item to see additional information. 

Belt Caterpullers
30" Nextrom Caterpuller, Model BC-25 (CAT440)
1.2m Nokia-Maillefer Caterpuller, Model BCA-12 (CAT341)
60" Royle Caterpuller, Model 10042984 (CAT404.1) 
60" Bartell Caterpuller, Model LC-52-450-LH (CAT101.1)
60" Davis Electric Caterpuller, Model Cattrack (CAT280)
84" Ceeco Caterpuller (CAT145)
Rotating Equipment
1m Ceeco Single Twist Buncher, Flyer Arm Style (CAT853)
1.8m Pourtier Rotating Payoff, Fork Style (CBR1128)
72" Caballe | Pourtier | Kalmar Drum Twister Line (CBR1000)
72" Edmands Rotating Take-up (CBR576)
2m Pourtier Rotating Payoff, Fork Style (CBR720.1)
36" Clipper Flyer Driven Payoff (PAY1540) 
36" Hall Payoff, Shafless Design, Driven (PAY982) 
1.2m Skaltek Payoff, Model A12 (PAY1296)
48" Hall Payoff, Shaftless Design, Non-Driven (PAY1509)
1.6m AFA Payoff, Portal Style, Shaftless Design (PAY1086)
72" Bartell Payoff, Shaftless Design (PAY1817)
84" Ceeco Payoff, Shaftless Design (PAY541.3)
96" Cecco Payoff, Portal Style (PAY947)
3m Skaltek Payoff, Portal Style, Model A303 (PAY899)
120" Bartell Payoff, Shaftless Design (PAY1646)
Dual Take-ups
12" Nextrom Dual Automatic Take-up, For Fiber (TKU829)
18" Hall Dual Automatic Take-up, 15' Vertical Accumulator (TKU739)
24" Clipper Dual Take-up, Parrallel Axis, Model PS24HS (TKU903.1)
30" Clipper Dual Take-up, Parallel Axis, Model PA-30 (TKU975)
50" Clipper Dual Take-up, Parallel Axis, Model PS-50 (TKU1106)
1.3m Nextrom Dual Take-up, Model EKP-130 (TKU1175)
Single Shaftless Design Take-ups
60" Davis Electric Take-up, Model TURA (TKU1080)
72" Hall Take-up, Floor Traversing Design (TKU945)
72" Sterling Davis Take-up, Model TUS-72 (CAT1256)
84" Ceeco Take-up (TKU1259)
84" Caballe Take-up, Portal Style, Traversing (TKU1101)
120" Skaltek Take-up, Portal Style, Floor Rail Traversing (TKU1284)
136" Bartell Take-up, Motorized Overhead Traverse (TKU1187)
Drop Coilers
18" Niehoff | Endex Barrel Packer, Model ECC-18 (BPK080)
18" Bongard Drop Coiler, Model TW-470-KT (BPK067)
36" Syncro Drop Coiler, Model 36 Continucoil (WRD859)
42" Bongard Drop Voiler, Model KW105-KT (WRD802.1)
Extruders and Extrusion Lines
1 1/2" Viteck Vertical Extruder, 24:1 L/D (EXP913.1)
2" Davis-Standard Extruder, Hi Temp, 24:1 L/D (EXP834)
2 1/2" Davis-Standard Extruder, Therm. II, 24:1 L/D (EXP1014)
80mm Nextrom Extrusion Line *NEW* (EXPL351)
3 1/2" Davis-Standard Extruder, Therm. III, 24:1 L/D (EXP1058)
3 1/2" Davis-Standard Rubber Extruder, Therm. II, 24:1 L/D (EXR180)
3 1/2" Davis-Standard Therm. III Extrusion Line (EXPL217)
4 1/2" Davis-Standard Extruder, Therm. II, 24:1 L/D (EXP1092)
120mm Nokia-Maillefer Extruder, 24:1 L/D (EXP823)
120mm Rosendahl Extruder, 24:1 L/D (EXP1071)

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