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Summer Equipment Specials

Posted by on Fri, Jun, 12, 2015

Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp. is pleased to offer the following Summer Specials on wire and cable equipment.

Wire and Plastic Summer Equipment Specials



Eurodraw + Niehoff M85 Rod Breakdown Machines for Aluminum w/ Coilers and Dual Spoolers
Ceeco + Caballe + Brondel 1.5m - 2.5m Drum Twisting Lines
Davis-Standard + Nextrom + Rosendahl 45mm – 150mm Extruders (24 and 30 L/D)
Nextrom + Maillefer EKP-50 (500mm), EKP-63 (630mm), and EKP-130 (1.25m) Dual Take-ups
Skaltek 1.2m – 3.0m Portal Shaftless Payoffs and Take-ups
Ceeco + Stolberger + Quiens + Northampton 400mm – 1.5m Planetary Stranders
Northampton + Setic 1.0m, 1.25m and 1.8m Double Twist Bunchers

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